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          The balcony sunshine room decorates small skill.

          The balcony sunshine room decorates small skill.

          Through kinds of plants to create a different aesthetic feeling, is the balcony garden building technique, not only the blade shape is different, the color and size are very different, shorter potted plants by ambry mat is high, the whole corner, interesting, and gray cement floor, overall a bit poor. Therefore, plants around the whole balcony decoration, square potted and round potted can be adopted, the corner part can pass the small table mat height, put more potted plants.

          The balcony outside an area, at the bottom is delicate grass, the outside is beautiful flower pot, the whole area clean and beautiful, formal gorgeous blooming flower season at the moment, suzhou sun room AD hoc seats and tea table, let you stay, with beautiful surrounding the balcony outside, external design into a row of wooden bed, wooden balcony is spacious, each into the plants in the flower bed, small make up even think it into some small fruits and vegetables, is also very good.

          The balcony that builds sunshine on the balcony also can set aside 10 square metre to 20 square metre terrace. The spacious terrace can be designed as a garden in the sky with flowers and trees and vegetables. And fish and birds... A picture of the life of a bird.

          What is the concept of "terrace sunshine room"? "Light" is sunshine, "can obtain villa general enjoyment, and" board "namely board building, south and north face to the low floor board building, enjoy the bath of sunshine. House is at the top of that jump a layer board building, at the beginning of the design, spacing between orientation of very large scale building, the largest building span 70 meters above, so that each building from chaoyang rising to the setting sun sink, will not be other floor keep out sunshine, ensures that each building owners will be able to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun, and vision, relaxed and happy.

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