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          Sunshine room decoration layout

          Sunshine room decoration layout

          Sunshine room decoration layout.

          It is a happy thing to have a sunny room. Many families just bask in the sun and drink tea here, and there is a problem of low space utilization. Try to buy some furniture and cloth art, give the sunshine room layout a complete transformation, below we will demonstrate the living room, dining-room and the studio three plan, perhaps can bring some inspiration.

          Light will make the sun room temperature in a short time more than a dozen perturbation type degrees to 20 degrees perturbation type, suzhou sun room sunshine house to consider the right position, so do temperature is not suitable to the human body. The professional sunshine room has the special responsibility to do the sunshine room company to design and make alone.

          The roof and doors and Windows can be installed with double-layer insulating glass. The roof is equipped with safety tempered glass. It is best to install warm glass in the sunlight room so that the light can enter the room without loss, and the heat inside will not be released. At the same time soundproof glass is installed in sunshine room, to isolate outside noise is better, if sunshine room does ordinary room to use, the roof had better use colour steel. Ventilation is available through doors and Windows and roof skylights.


          The area of sunshine room is generally not very big, accordingly, eliminate 3 people sofa, can match the sofa chair that does not have armrest, in order to save space.

          The three-person sofa is the necessary of living room, become the visual focal point of the room at the same time.

          The one wall that will put a TV is painted to be grayish brown, with white curtain and woodiness furniture form harmonious collocation.

          The long, stylish table is used for flat-panel LCD TVS, which can be stored in the box below.

          The wood strip shutter has the triple effect: block the sunlight, adjust the room temperature, protect the furniture and the fabric surface not to be exposed to the sun.

          Small side table, can overlap place, when need, open use, very convenient.

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