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          Choose the location of sunshine room importance.

          Choose the location of sunshine room importance.

          The location of the sunlight room is very important. It determines the sun shading and orientation of the sunshine room and produces good and bad results for people's life.

          1. Purpose and sun operation.

          Use and the sun to operate to determine the sun room should be placed in that position. In winter, the sunlight room in the changshu sunshine room is inclined to shoot and the time is short while the sun is high in summer, and the radiation is long, and the shadow of the trees and the adjacent buildings should also be noticed.

          That's the definition:

          (1) the east can enjoy the warm sunshine while eating breakfast or work to avoid the intense sunlight in the afternoon. The southern position has the longest duration of sunshine, which remains the same in winter. Therefore, shading and ventilation must be considered.

          (2) summer is the hottest in the west, because hot air is still hot in the evening, and it is necessary to consider shading and ventilation. The sunny room in the west is less useful in the winter. The northern position is suitable for small offices, with almost no light, but with good shadowless light, which can adjust the temperature or cover the sunlight at the entrance. Light will increase the temperature of the sunlight room by 10 degrees in a short time, so you must take into account its shape and setting.

          It is also best to be careful about the use of heat in sunlight rooms. Although installed at the bottom of the interior of marble or ceramic floor heating is a kind of very comfortable solution, because the lower part of floor heating unresponsive, in the architecture of pervious to light, the temperature change is fast, heating can not be in a short period of time to adapt to the changes in the sun, clouds, and day and night.

          Do you understand? The position of sunshine room looks very small, actually also can affect your life. So you need to pay special attention to the location of sunshine room.

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