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          Terrace sunshine room

          Terrace sunshine room

          Have a lot of villas and apartments attic has a considerable balcony, most owners would like to use for this space, put him into a suitable for their own use of the sun room, that would have to seal the balcony, terrace will form a three sides of be born glass (combination) including doors and Windows clean and transparent gazebo sun room, home one more sunny room, the room will be lit a lot, and daylighting effect is very good, sun room brand as its own one more greenhouse, no heating is also very warm, even if the sun room balcony sun room is an ideal place to relax and read writing gazebo sun room attached to the bedroom, tea table and chair is put inside, want to quiet time in the sun and look at the stars at night.

          The classification of sunshine house on the terrace.

          Gazebo sun room from sun room material on the steel structure and aluminum alloy sun room, wooden sun room, aluminum wood composite sun room, ladle timberwork sun room, etc., due to inner decoration and higher with better energy saving effect and the effect of return uncut jade to put in wooden sun room and steel aluminum structure sun room, won the overwhelming majority of people favor is divided into three categories: general balcony sun room, ordinary, casual, functionality, each kind of sun room he use and cost of construction is different, sun room can make busy people settled down to, sort out their own mess, ease too tired body and mind, make urban and rural individual private space.

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