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          The bright and natural enjoyment of modern sunshine room

          The bright and natural enjoyment of modern sunshine room

          The sunshine room can be in the double deck, the private garden on the first floor, the top floor of the building, the private villa and so on. Its top is mostly glass and colored steel sandwich panels, the facade of the building is aluminum alloy doors and Windows. Based on room lighting and ventilation, but also has good sealing effect. So the sun room facade, the top most by can be combined to open the doors and Windows. The merits of the doors and Windows quality is sun room building is an important component of success. Based on the above characteristics of the sun room, we in the design and build the sun room, sun room for different purpose in the overall shape and structure, should be depending on the surrounding environment and the characteristics of space, and makes the corresponding design scheme.

          Sun room types from building up characteristic points can be divided into the apartment or the platform to the top of the sun room profiles private villas and other low-rise low-density residential courtyard to classification, considering the overall layout and architectural appearance at the top of the cleaning, maintenance convenience, different types of sun room location design requirements are quite different.

          To distinguish from practical, can be divided into: common type, recreational type, function type 3 kinds.

          Sunny room section

          The common type sunshine room, mostly used as a little flower room, raise some flowers and fish insect. Because of good lighting and ventilation, it is very suitable for the survival and growth of xianyang plants.

          The leisure sunshine room belongs to the middle class sunshine room. This type of sunshine room is larger than the common type, and the structure is much better, suitable for villa and private yard use. Shade screens with elegant, open a window can be XiuXianWu, inside can display table, fitness equipment and other recreational supplies, and it can use the top of the spray coated glass, such leisure can also be lying on the lounge chair, looking up at the sky greatly improve its taste.

          Functional sunshine room belongs to sunshine room. This type of design and construction technology standard is relatively high, is called is functional, because it can be used exclusively for stay passenger compartment, small restaurant, special space such as study or children's playroom. Because it must be built with high technical standards, there is no need to worry about the problem of the house itself. This kind of sunshine room is usually with the extra clamping hollow tempered glass, the color aluminum door window. This kind of sunshine room also can add special ventilated device and shading system, make its function is better, later use is more convenient and more practical.

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